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I went with Ella, Carin and Alex to Bozeman and Big Sky, Montana last week and it was AWESOME!  So much fun!! We stayed with Carin’s friends Julie and Mike who are living in a huge gorgeous house in Bozeman with access to an equally gorgeous and pretty big Spanish Peaks (Big Sky) house!  It was a lot of good fun, good people, great food and of course snow!!  This first photo is maybe one of my ALLLLL TIME FAVORITES!  Harper and Ella made it easy to grab this shot, but it’s just so funny and cute!

I really don’t think any of these photos will top that but here are a few more cute ones of Ella-bean!  She learned how to really sit up by herself on this trip so I thought I’d get a shot of her doing so!

And another one with Harper … they were just soo fun to photograph together!

The backyard of the Bozeman house with lots of snow and ice on the trees!

Ice crystals on the trees!  I like this one.

The neighbors have cows. I’m not sure how the cows felt about the ice… but they made for a nice contrast to all the white 🙂

And on the to Spanish Peaks and Big Sky… this was the ski in-ski out cat walk form the house to the slopes!

On the drive back to Bozeman I insisted we stop because I loved how the mountains in Montana really looked “wild” with this river running through it and pine trees and walls of rock.  AND a Moose!  Not in this picture though.

I even got out on the slopes for a few runs.  Every time I’m forced to ski I swear I lose a few years of my life from the sheer terror I experience.

I officially really like Montana! 🙂


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Ella’s Half Birthday Party Outfit!!

Sooo Ella had a half birthday and that means she can officially be entered in a pretty baby photo contest so we got her all dressed up and made her model for us! (as if I needed an excuse to take her picture!)

Little peach.

annnnd the baby pink all stars. SO cute.

This picture CRACKS me up!  And you can see her outfit best 🙂 Plus, she LOVED the bathtub!

Oh just too cute!


and happy snuggles!

Smiles!! 🙂

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Cal and Mick!

This morning I got to see the Kaminsky boys again after 5 months!  Cal seriously is a different child. And he is just BEYOND cute. Ladies man for sure. And Mick is a little spastic professor, it cracks me up.  Check out how handsome these two kids are:

mmmk yeah so cute. and SO funny:

And Mick’s glasses, my word… so darn adorable (even if he does look like an evil genius in this)

And of course he is way cute without the glasses too!

Seriously. This kid. Too darn funny.

And now the Cal Kaminsky show:

baby teeth? to die for.

So interested in things now that he’s bigger…

I mean…. could there be a cutter, chubbier, more curly-haired child?!

He’s a model. Period.

Seriously. Diesel Jeans called… they want their ad back.

Hello Gerber baby.

Haha! So funny! Mirrors + babies = hours of entertainment.

And one last one of both the little dudes …

Seriously. Could there be two cuter brothers? mmm NOPE!

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Cousins!! Ella and Meah!

Ella had her cousin Meah over today for a little photo shoot… I’ll start with a photo that is Ella and Meah in a nut shell:

But then they were  both little angels 🙂

with lots of smiles!

And one of Ella and Grandma!

And a few of Meah! Who had lots of smiles, although she would suddenly stop if they camera was up!

And she still had some cute faces with or without the smiles!

And at first the camera was just very confusing for her!

The cousins loved playing together

Like here Meah was saying “nice hangin’ out with ya cousin” and patting Ella on the shoulder. haha.

And when Ella would have an Ella moment (if that confuses you just observe below…) then Meah would be all “hey cousin, it’s cool. don’t be sad. we are having fun and playing!”

This last one has some GREAT expressions!!

You girls were so fun today!! Maybe when you are older you will look back on these pictures and laugh at how silly you were even as little babies!

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annnd… MORE Ella!

Just a few more of Ella I took while she would sit still 🙂

She was a bit unsure of the whole big-kid-chair thing at first…

But once she realized she could just hang out and play it was all good!

And of course she had to snack on some fingers before she was done!



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More Ella… couldn’t resist

Well when Ella was in little baby Oshkosh overalls today I just had to get my camera out and take some pictures 🙂


Ella thoroughly enjoys tummy time in her boppy…. until she’s over it.  But when she likes it, she LOVES it!


Annnnd she loves to stick out her tongue!


Looooooooove baby jean overalls. Love.


This next one is my favorite. Such a precious little face!


I’m pretty sure this is how she looks at me when I make the purple elephant talk to her … she thinks I’m just plain crazy.


Hope no one is sick of her yet cuz there will be lots more to come!!


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My new best friend- Ella!

This is just the first set of what will most definitely be lots and lots of photos of Ella since she is my new best friend who I get to spend every day with pretty soon 🙂  And she’s pretty much the cutest thing since puppies!


She has gorgeous big baby eyes!


Even her serious face is SO precious.


And she has cute little baby feets!


Love her smile! 


And this last one just cracks me up.  Apparently the world is pretty awesome and shocking when you see it during tummy time! 



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