So Declan is almost 1 year old, and the only other time I got to meet him was back when he was only 2 1/2 months old!  He’s SO grown up now!  His hair is still fantastic and he is seriously one of THE cutest kids I have ever seen.  I headed out to Oconomowoc to take some photos of him around the house and lake!  I can’t even pick a few to show. So here are like 12 or so!

Declan’s Daddy is a big Yankee fan so he rocked his NY shirt for a few shots 🙂

Look at that face. For real. So cute.

Baby teeth 🙂

Mr. GQ.  Honestly what a little handsome model!  With his little man going to work outfit!

It was windy which was sooo funny because his long hair just blew all over!

His tie kills me. Just kills me.

A little help from Mommy to walk in the long grass.

I LOVE this one. I can’t even explain it but it is just GREAT!

Baby hands and feets!

This kid gets away with murder. No one can resist that smile.

Yummmy hands!

Oh Declan, could you BE any cuter?  Doubted.  Thanks for being a great sport even though it was kind of cold and you would have rather just played with your train. 🙂



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2 responses to “Declan!

  1. beth

    you r gifted and talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rafeya Khan

      These are awesome pictures. My word, he is ready to model, he could perhaps start as a baby model and I could see GQ. What a handsome babe.

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