Ella is 9 Months Old!!

Ella is back!! I know she was missed 🙂 And she is 9 months old … at least she will be in a few days. So we took some photos… okay A LOT of photos!  I know I am super biased but she is soooooo cute!  And getting sooo big!

She loves playing in her crib (a new discovery for her since the mattress got lowered and she can peek through the bars!)

Awww look at that FACE!

One of my favorites:

Then she was over playing in the crib so we played by the windows! (hours of entertainment)

Baby bows!! 🙂


It was super windy which made me realize Ella now has enough hair not only to go in a bow but also to blow in the wind!!

Now, Ella won’t crawl but she will scoot on the hard wood floors if you bride her with food… first she see’s the puff:

Then she scoots closer:

Then she grabs it!:

Then she EATS IT!:  It’s thrilling.

Last but not least are two photos that sum Miss Ella up perfectly:  One second she’s lovin’ it…

The next she’s sooo over it and demands you play something else:

Ooookay one more just so everyone can see her cute little smiley face!! 🙂


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