Libby is 6 Months Old!

Today little Libby came over to play with Ella and have her pictures taken because she is 6 months old!! And man was she ready to go, go, go!!  She had lots of smiles to give, and I had a hard time picking out which photos to put up here 🙂

She was very interested in that big thing I was pointing at her! She’d never seen such a big camera in her whole 6 months of life!

I love me some baby feets!

And look at that grin 🙂

Gosh she is just precious!

Libby loved to practice standing while holding on to Mommy’s fingers!

Then the mini-model had an outfit change! She must have loved the new dress because look at that smile!!

Here she is showing me how pretty her blue sun dress is 🙂

I loved her little curl in her hair! Precious.

These last two were just SO cute I couldn’t decide between them! So you get to see them both!

Thanks for coming to play and model Libby!  And thanks for being such a great sport and giving me lots of smiles to work with!


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