Ella’s photo shoot!

Ella and I played around yesterday because A) she was in a GREAT mood B) she was wearing a super cute outfit and C) I had a silly idea I wanted to try out!!  …. And here is my most favorite picture of Ella probably EVER!  It looks like she was just caught juggling oranges! Pahaha.

And here she is looking b-e-a-utiful!

You can see her little first tooth comin’ in!!

She wanted to eat the oranges, so that tongue was out pretty much non-stop

LOOK at that face.  She wanted to show the dummies at Regis and Kelly that said she wasn’t pretty enough to win their contest and be a model for parenting magazine.

And then just a happy shot of bare baby feets and pretty oranges to make you smile!


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One response to “Ella’s photo shoot!

  1. Karla Rendu

    What a beautiful baby! Whoever saw such big brown eyes on such a cute face. Congratulations to you and Bob and Roberta too. Hurray for grandparents.

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