So Ella had all her best friends over for an all-girls playgroup! And of course I went too because I just love little babies! These 8 beauties had so much fun together and I can only imagine it will just get more and more fun as they get older and start to really interact and play together!  And, per my usual style, I brought my camera along with a goal to get a good shot of each little girly!

To start we have the hostess-with-the-mostess… Miss Ella

And then we have Miss Eliza with the long luxurious hair that all the other babies were jealous of (not that you can tell in this picture!)

Then there is the girl with all the smiles and the tongue that she knows how to stick out at everyone … Miss Addalin (and though I LOVE her name… I have no clue how to spell it!)

And Miss Libby is just a little bundle of energy. She just wants to go go go: standing up on everything she could grab!

And then there is the oldest of the bunch who was teaching everyone how to walk and has an abundance of curiosity: Miss Sutton (another name I love and have no idea how to spell…)

Then there is another one of the littles who was just trying to take in everything going on so she could learn to be like the “big girls” … Miss Hana

And this smiley cutie is the only girl with sibling (two big brothers no less!) so she was completely unfazed by the chaos of 8 babies! … Miss Morgan

And last but most certainly NOT least is Miss Zoe who was 100% determined to get around and discover all the new things there were to see as she was just learning how to crawl

Gosh, could you even dream of a better looking group of little ladies?!  I will just answer that for you: NOPE!



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2 responses to “Babiiiies!!!

  1. Theresa Sauer

    These pictures are wonderful! I’d love to have you come take more pictures of Libby!


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