Cruise to the Caribbean!

K get ready… there are A LOT of pictures! 🙂  Here is the view from the balcony of the room as we left Miami…

Miami beach…

The last look at land for 2 days.

The ships pool deck.

The sunset on the first night.

The first stop: Cayman Islands

THE BEACH! Finallllly… I was in heaven!

heaven. for real.

I heart palm trees. I was quite obsessed with taking pictures of them.

Hopped a cement wall to take this (inner photojournalist instinct) and had a chat with the local cayman folk about fishing. These were capers that these guys catch and then serve at the restaurant down the road where we had just eaten, and I had had the caper. It was very full circle for me!

ummm hello Cayman Island post card.

Sunset after a long day in the Caymans. GLORIOUS!

The herd of people leaving the cruise ships in Cozumel. This does not even do justice to the size of these monster ships. Or the mass exodus of humans leaving them. For real.

Hello gorgeous blue water!

Main Street Cozumel on our way to go scuba diving (and by our I am not including myself since I spent the 2 hours on the beach getting a massage and drinking a margarita. I win!)

See. Told you. Love palm trees. They are just so much cooler than other trees.

Watching the waves crash and the people scuba dive…

I was entertained by the waves for a good 30 minutes.

Hilarious. We are in a taxi (risking our lives) and we pass this family of 3 on a glorified moped. That woman on the back is carrying a 2 year old kid like a baby. So funny.

Sunset down Main Street Cozumel.  Taken from an open air margarita bar.  Perfection my friends.

Stunnnnnnning. Seriously.

And last but not least… the sunset on the last night on the ship, which also happened to be New Years Eve… so it was the last sunset of the DECADE. Crazy. People applauded when the sun disappeared over the horizon.

I already miss 85 and sunny. and palm trees. and the beach!


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