Cal and Mick!

This morning I got to see the Kaminsky boys again after 5 months!  Cal seriously is a different child. And he is just BEYOND cute. Ladies man for sure. And Mick is a little spastic professor, it cracks me up.  Check out how handsome these two kids are:

mmmk yeah so cute. and SO funny:

And Mick’s glasses, my word… so darn adorable (even if he does look like an evil genius in this)

And of course he is way cute without the glasses too!

Seriously. This kid. Too darn funny.

And now the Cal Kaminsky show:

baby teeth? to die for.

So interested in things now that he’s bigger…

I mean…. could there be a cutter, chubbier, more curly-haired child?!

He’s a model. Period.

Seriously. Diesel Jeans called… they want their ad back.

Hello Gerber baby.

Haha! So funny! Mirrors + babies = hours of entertainment.

And one last one of both the little dudes …

Seriously. Could there be two cuter brothers? mmm NOPE!


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