Laura and Matt!

The three of us had to work reallllly hard to make this work with our schedules and a tiny window of time to get it done in.  BUT we did it!! And they are some really fun photos! 🙂

We went to the Milwaukee Art Museum which was a LOT of white, but very very fun to shoot at! (at least for me… I think Matt may beg to differ!)  … and check out how fabulous Laura was…

This next one was one of my faaaavorites 🙂

And not to be left out of the good looking category… Matt looks quite dashing 🙂

Ummmm how CUTE are they!?

and that RING!  yup. glorious. love.

haha. they are just so adorable in this one… laughing is my favorite!

I don’t know why… but I really really like this picture.

And this one makes me love my job. How could I NOT get a good picture with moments like this?!

We found great chairs to play around in 🙂

You guys are simply wonderful.


and one last shot… another favorite. I probably could never pick…

Thanks Laura and Matt!!! Hopefully you really like these and that makes up for the fact that I made you do all this in a very public setting 🙂


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