Cousins!! Ella and Meah!

Ella had her cousin Meah over today for a little photo shoot… I’ll start with a photo that is Ella and Meah in a nut shell:

But then they were  both little angels 🙂

with lots of smiles!

And one of Ella and Grandma!

And a few of Meah! Who had lots of smiles, although she would suddenly stop if they camera was up!

And she still had some cute faces with or without the smiles!

And at first the camera was just very confusing for her!

The cousins loved playing together

Like here Meah was saying “nice hangin’ out with ya cousin” and patting Ella on the shoulder. haha.

And when Ella would have an Ella moment (if that confuses you just observe below…) then Meah would be all “hey cousin, it’s cool. don’t be sad. we are having fun and playing!”

This last one has some GREAT expressions!!

You girls were so fun today!! Maybe when you are older you will look back on these pictures and laugh at how silly you were even as little babies!


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