More Ella… couldn’t resist

Well when Ella was in little baby Oshkosh overalls today I just had to get my camera out and take some pictures 🙂


Ella thoroughly enjoys tummy time in her boppy…. until she’s over it.  But when she likes it, she LOVES it!


Annnnd she loves to stick out her tongue!


Looooooooove baby jean overalls. Love.


This next one is my favorite. Such a precious little face!


I’m pretty sure this is how she looks at me when I make the purple elephant talk to her … she thinks I’m just plain crazy.


Hope no one is sick of her yet cuz there will be lots more to come!!



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2 responses to “More Ella… couldn’t resist

  1. Christoph Wagner


    I’m Christoph, one of Ella’s Uncles. I haven’t had a chance to see her in person yet because of work, but your pictures have really bridged the distance. Your pictures are fantastic, and have made my day on more than one occasion. Thanks! and keep them coming!!


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