The Ploeger Family!

The A-W-E-S-O-M-E Ploeger family contacted me after seeing the session I did with the Elliots and I was so SO glad I could fit them in quick before I move! They were not only an amazingly gorgeous family (which makes my job oh-so easy!) but they happen to live in a gorgeous house in a gorgeous neighborhood by a gorgeous golf course all of which had beautiful landscaping! I was on cloud 9! Here is a handful of shots from their session… Ploeger family you were WONDERFUL!


There were 3 lovely girls and one dapper young man for me to shoot around with.. starting with Johanna


Then Jennifer…


Then Samantha…


And lastly Mister Geno!


How fantabulous are these kids (and young lady since Johanna isn’t reeeeally a kid) all together:


And the classic feets (I just can’t resist calling them feets!) shot that I love.


And I looove LOVE this next one in this field we found just out on the road 🙂


I also love this next shot… especially Geno’s face.


Such an adorable picture of them all together.


I love this mother-son moment.  So cute!


The Ploeger family may have taken the “best silly faces” title!


Hahaha still makes me laugh!  This last one is an example of a man after my own heart 🙂


Love the camera Geno!  Thanks Ploegers for being great and so much fun to shoot, you all made my job very easy!


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