The Grintjes Family!

So the Grintjes, who found me through the Amazing (with a capital A) Aimee Krahn whom I owe most all of my mild success to (for finding me more people to shoot and for having a model baby who I photograph obsessively.) Well the Grintjes rocked it out at Wirth Park in Brookfield for me! Thanks Anne, Niel, Will, Ella, and Lainee!! Check out how fabulously fun they are…


But check out how fabulously gorgeous they can be too…

And each kid knocked it out of the park by themselves every so often for me… starting with the oldest and only boy Will.


Then the middle child…. BEAUTIFUL Ella (if you read this Ella I hope you see that this next picture proves how so totally un-ugly you are!)


And then the baby of the family… blonde haired, blue eyed, mini-model Lainee.


Lainee also happens to be a complete goofball…and somehow it’s still a stunning shot!


Now check out how amazing they are all together… (Will looks just like the actor who plays Peter in Finding Neverland in this photo!)


They rocked out the sibling thing for me all over the park.


And even on some train tracks!




I loooove this next one where I caught this for 2 seconds. Adorable little sis, big bro moment!


How about one last family shot?


And, as you may have noticed, there has only been black and white so far, not that this family was equally gorgeous in color as black and white, I just happened to pick the ones I did for the blog and liked ’em in b/w. No reason. But here is one last photo and it’s a big old splash of color!


Perfect! 🙂


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One response to “The Grintjes Family!

  1. Anne Grintjes

    Hi Katie,
    We love the pictures! Thank you so much, we had so much fun!

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