Jenn and Charlie’s Wedding

So Jenn and Charlie got married at the most coolest (it really was cool enough to call it the most coolest) 150 year old church in a beautiful bluff setting.  And then they had an awesome relaxed reception at Goose Island park. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more and got some great shots too!!


So pretty.  My sanity was questioned making the well dressed wedding party hike (10 steps) into a field, but I think this photo speaks for it self. 🙂


I always love Gerber Daisies. And in a red which I like to call fire engine red… mmm yummy!


I love lace up backs on wedding dresses. I do not love lacing them up.  Thus I was glad I was photographing and not lacing 🙂


Love Charlie’s face when he first sees his bride.


HA! One of my favorite. Hands down.  This little guy was just so cute and soo unsure of my and my camera.


Love the red folks. Love the red.


Gorgeous church.  And the rain held off for just long enough for us to get the shots we needed.


I enjoyed the view from the balcony.


Jenn’s poor sister was not feeling so hot.


A butterfly (or perhaps moth) found Jenn 🙂


Loved the view from the reception area at the park.


One of my favorites from the day for sure. So much love.  It was a great great day.


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