Mothers are BEST!

So a little bit of what this is about… I chose to do a documentary for class on a stay-at-home mother.  One of my professor’s wife happened to be just that!  So I spent a few weeks documenting Linda and her kids Kathleen and James and a little bit of daddy Jim too.  Here are just a FEW (there were SOOO many!!!)


This one just cracks me up!!! Kathleen is a big girl and uses the potty… James sits on the baby potty and pretends!!  And Linda just goes about her business as usual!


Jim “reads” the New York Times with Kathleen every night after James goes to bed.  Often times they look through the pictures and Kathleen actually learns a lot about the world… She even says she voted for Barack Obama in the election 🙂  It was too cute


They have no cable and the kids have never seen a movie in their lives so they so LOTS of activities and painting is a favorite of the kids (note the wall filled in the background).


Little James is just like his dad.  This photo makes me laugh every time I see it.


Classic meal-time moment! (I’ve nannied for over 10 families and I’ve seen this at every single one!)


James and Linda clapping for Kathleen who finished an ABC puzzle all by herself!


Escape artist!


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