Anna, Tony and adorable baby Lucille!

So I was referred to Anna from our mutual friend Jessica… and she called me up to get shots of their little girl Lucille (Lucy) who might just be the chubbiest but most adorable baby on earth. And it just so happens that the night before I showed up Tony PROPOSED to Anna!!! And she knew it was coming but she thought he was going to take her great-grandmothers ring since they just spent all their money on a house but he surprised her with a ring he bought all secretively!! (and it even had the stone from the great-grandmothers ring in it!!) So we did baby, family, engagement shots!! YAY!!


Lucy’s face the second she heard the first sounds from baby Einstein on the TV… we were trying to get smiles from her with all her first Christmas presents!


Look at that face 🙂 🙂


GORGEOUS ring!!!


The happy little family!!


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