Final – “Within Their Grasp”

Final Project

Travis (2008) “Music is not something you just listen to, it’s something you feel.”

Final Project

Jacki (2008) “I don’t party, I socially gather and celebrate. Once I do not have to celebrate anymore, my partying days will end, but there will always be a party girl inside of me. As long as I’m breathing, I will gather.”

Final Project

Chelsey (2008) “I love to capture and bring people out through my work. I have loved documenting life ever since I was little.”

Final Project

Valerie (2008) “I like rocks because of the fact that every rock tells a story about the earth and how it formed an how we got here, not a lot of people realize that.”

Final Project

Zach (2008) “Football has been a constant in my life since I was a little boy, and even though I won’t play after college, I plan on football always being an important part of my life.”

Final Project

Margaret (2008) “I like knowing I can be there for other people in a special way. What I can do for them is special because I have the knowledge and skills to help out and make them feel better.”


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